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Hi! Welcome to the MONZA GT REGISTRY


WELCOME H07 FANS! GM built the H07 body from 1975-80, and it has enjoyed a great run of success in roadracing, dragracing, and many other forms of autoracing. Even today, H07's can be seen racing and WINNING!!. Vintage racing is the main attraction for restored roadracing monzas, but there are a few still slugging it out in SCCA and NASA race groups. Since my #1 passion is roadracing(especially endurance racing), I will focus on the history of the roadracing GM Hbody. If you roadrace a GM H-Body 1975-80 Chevrolet Monza, Buick Skyhawk, Oldsmobile Starfire, Pontiac Sunbird, or even a Chevrolet vega and would like to join the registry, please

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All forms of roadracing are welcomed; IMSA, SCCA, FIA, Etc.

This is also the home of JSRT, my SCCA GT-1 Chevy Monza race team. Check back periodicaly for my race reports(3/6/99).

I will also be including H-body racing collectables and other interesting item's. Send me a picture of your favorite H-body collectable!

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