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Welcome! I'm Joe Schultz III, Owner/Driver/Mechanic of the JSRT SCCA GT-1 Chevrolet Monza. I'm also the Webmaster for my H07 website, the MONZA GT REGISTRY.

My tube-frame roadracing monza was built in 1979 by Dan Gallant for driver Mark Pielsticker. Mark campaigned the monza in the SCCA Trans-Am Series from 1980-82. In 1980, the monza was all black, #33 with sponsorship from International Harvester. He won the Portland T/A race that season, finishing fifth in the final points standings.

David Horvat would purchase the car in 1983 and would enter the monza in the S. Eastern Div. Regional and National SCCA GT-1 races from 1983-89. Although usually running a SBC V8, the monza at one time had a Buick Fuel-injected V6!

Richard Stone would purchase the monza in 1989 and enter the San Diego and Cal Club SCCA Regional and National GT-1 races. In 1991 he would win the San Diego Regional GT-1 Championship.

1992 was a great year for Richard, as he won the Southern Pacific Division GT-1 National title. He would repeat as Champion in 1993.

Richard also contested the highly exotic and competitive 1993 Toyota Super Production Series. He would finish 8th in points at seasons end against much more modern racecars.

I sold my GT-4 Datsun PL-510 in late 1994 in order to purchase Richards monza. It was a childhood dream come true to finally own a tube-frame roadracing monza. The monza was purchased as a roller, as I had a high-performance sbc 331 V8 already sitting in storage.
I converted the sbc 331(327 .040" over) to dry-sump condition, as well as some other racing mods to the block. I plumbed the engine compartment myself with Earl's Stainless.

2/28/99 ... I attended the SCCA Cal Club super school in order to renew my racing license. Saturday looked pretty good as the car ran well all day. This was my first time in a big bore GT monster, so I knew it would be a big step up from my gt-4 datsun 510. The sound of a sbc uncorked is FANTASTIC!!! My only problems with the monza were when the shifter assembly came loose, which made finding any gears impossible. My clutch master cylinder decided to slowly leak, which also hurt the shifting. These two problems slowed down my lap times. The engine was fantastic, so a little work on the shifter was all I thought I would need.
Sunday would produce ignition gremilins which would eventually end my day early. I learned a great deal about the monza, and will be adding an alternator, rebuilding the clucth master cylinder, safety wiring the shifter bolts(!), and a few other improvements. I still had a great deal of fun driving the monza, and can't wait to get her on the track again!
Here's a tech sheet on the monza...

Chassis- 1976 GM H07 (4-cyl.!!)tub converted to a tube-frame chassis by Dan Gallant in 1979.
Engine - 1967 sbc 327, .040"over, modified for dry sumped oil system.
Pistons - Chevrolet 327 turbo model, high dome.
Rods - Z28 Pink
Crank - Chevrolet Steel, small journal. Rotating assy. is fully balanced.
Heads - Chevrolet Stage III Aluminum, 2.05/1.65 Valves. Port matched to intake.
Intake Manifold - Chevrolet 23* Tall port, long runners(same as in T/A).
Waterpump - Moroso High-volume, Aluminum.
Dampner - Chevrolet 400 cid.
Exhaust - Twin Flowmaster 105 dba, custom-fit single-runner headers
Dry sump oil pump - Weaver 3-stage.
Filters/Coolers - Oberg (engine), Earls(fuel), Moroso oil cooler
Carb. - Holley 4150 DP 750, annular discharge, modified for racing.
Ignition - MSD Crank Trigger, MSD 6A Box, Mallory Dist.(gutted).
Plumbing - Earl's Stainless throughout car.
Gauges - Stewart-Warner Gauges, Moroso Mech. Tach
Clutch/Flywheel - McCloud 3-disc, aluminum.
Trans - Muncie M-21 Close-ratio
Rearend - Speedway Quick-change
Brakes - Front - Wilwood GN, Rear - Wilwood Superlites.
Wheels - Centerlines, 5 on 5 pattern.
Front - 16x10 , Rear - 16x12
Tires - GOODYEAR!!!!!
Body - IMSA DeKon Phase V Style, Wide-body
Windows - Front - Gm Glass, rest is plexiglass.

This engine is a little tame by GT-1 standards (6500 rpm). The SCCA want me to alter the car too much to run gt-1, so I will run vintage and have fun. I hope to restore the car to it's 1980 trans am series specs by 2007.
If you have a chance to catch any of the Cal Club Races in the near future, look for my monza and stop by and say "HI".